I Started My Author DTP Help Page…

and I hope to continue to add to it. Publishing on Amazon was way harder than it should be and while there are some very helpful folks on the web and folks to whom I’m indebted, some things I had to just stumble through. Hopefully by recounting my journey and by by passing along those links which were most helpful to me, I can spare the aspiring such pain.

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Count Your Change even if You Won’t Change

I like most, don’t pay cash when dining out. Tonight I had a $100.00 bill clawing to get out of my wallet, probably  from sheer lack of companionship, and so I paid for my meal with the endangered greenback.

My change was returned inside the secretive black fold as though a credit card had been tendered. I counted the cloaked change. Practical, not frugal (although my Lithuanian side makes almost compulsive) and I was short $20.00.

Dilemma: No witness, no secure statement that I was short instead of pilfering when called to the waitress’ attention. I objected nevertheless and was immediately challenged, “I counted it before I gave it to you,” she said.

And I said, “I counted it before I gave it back to you,” with the most unnecessary overcompensating and stringent look I could muster, “and it’s twenty-dollars short.” I left her with the billfold and returned to my seat.

A few moments later she returned and said, “I told you I counted it sir. Your bill was eighteen dollars. Eighteen and one-two is twenty, sixty one-hundred.”

I said, “You missed forty.”

She counted again and missed forty again. So I counted for her, “Eighteen and one-two is twenty, FORTY, sixty, eighty,” stopping to help her understand that when you skip a twenty you are, even the most friendly of nations,  robbing your customer. She got it. I didn’t. I still tipped as though there had been no unpleasantness. Habit.

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Not much of a blogger…

Or a tweeter; or an FB’er; but I reserve the right to change!

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